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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Welcome to RV Pickler Readers

Welcome to my court...

I got the RV Pickler newsletter this morning and saw that it included a link to my site. I had forewarning it would happen but I did not expect it to happen quite as quickly as it did. Therefore, this note of welcome is a little late for some who have already visited.

I would like to welcome new visitors and tell them a little about the site. It is 100% about pickleball with 3 main focal points:
  1. Learning and improving your game. Posts will include original content with my learnings as well as incorporate articles and videos from experts. These posts are aggregated in a "book" of chapters dedicated to parts of the game. The chapters are shown along the left column of the site.
  2. Central repository for expert advice. This repository is located at the top of the right-hand column and is labelled "Resources - Expert Videos and Articles". It includes links to Sarah Ansboury, Mark Renneson, Pickleball Channel, RV Picklers, and many other expert advice sites.
  3. Local Western NC information about tournaments and other interests.
I hope newcomers find the site worthwhile and repeat their visit. I appreciate the confidence that the RV Picklers showed in linking to my site. They and their site provide great services to the sport of pickleball. I couldn't be more flattered than to have their endorsement

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