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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pickleball Summit - Asheville

Push yourself to the limit...

2016 saw the debut of the Pickleball Summit, an opportunity for us regular folks to play and lean from some of the top players and coaches in the game. Two Pickleball Summits were held last year in Charlotte and Indianapolis. I'm happy to say that this year's spring Summit will be held locally at Xcel Sports Complex between Hendersonville and Asheville. Click on the icon below to go to the website. The overview is shown below the icon.

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Imagine The Perfect Pickleball Weekend...

You start with a little open play to get the blood pumping, shots humming, and banter flowing with pickleball players from around the country.

Then, step onto the court with National Champion Matthew Blom, who gives you his inside secrets, personalized feedback, and a champion's insights into your game. Matthew's Zen-Master, Inner Game of Pickleball approach is guaranteed to have you playing at your peak.

Now, hit the courts with others in your skill-based group, as well the pros, to implement and get live feedback on your game and the skills you just acquired.

Who's sharing the court with you next? National Champion Brian Staub. Growing up around a tennis academy and playing exhibition games with Rod Laver in his youth definitely does something for Brian's game.

Dinks, drops, forehands, backhands, there’s almost no one better to see where you’re at, and show you what will take you higher.

Also, since Brian now dominates the major senior events, he brings an understanding to what you'll need to keep playing this sport at your best for years to come.

Afterwards, enjoy lunch and hang out with your new pickleball friends, then get back out there whenever you're ready for open play until your early afternoon session with...

Nationals/US Open Singles and Mixed Finalist Lucy Kovalova.  She burst onto the pickleball scene last year, and immediately took her rightful place on championship podiums with the established stars of the game.

Lucy's ultra-aggressive, take-no-prisoners style is changing what it means to play "winning pickleball."

Make no mistake, this is where the game we love is evolving to, and Lucy's got all the weapons in her arsenal you'll need to dominate tournaments this year and beyond.

Next, you'll recognize him from his incredible series of YouTube videos, Third Shot Sports founder and top coach Mark Renneson. His understanding of the game, his patience and clarity in teaching make Mark one of the best pickleball instructors in North America.

Being a great player doesn’t necessarily make you a great coach, or vice versa. In Mark, you get both. He brings a fun, humor-rich approach that'll make learning fun, and your shots deadly.

Now it's open play with the other crazy participants, who'll dink, drop, lob and smash with you 'til the cows come home.

And, if you choose, go even deeper with a private, personalized lesson with any of the 4 pros.

After all that, take in a great meal and relax at one of the many unique restaurants in the Asheville area.

Yes, it sounds like "Pickleball Heaven," but it's actually PICKLEBALL SUMMIT -- and now is your opportunity to attend!

March 31 - April 2 • Asheville, NC


  1. How do you sign up for the Pickleball Summit ?

    1. There is no Pickleball Summit scheduled for 2018 yet. If/when it is announced, it will be posted here.