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Friday, February 3, 2017

Sarah on Percentage Pickleball

Focus on what you do best...

Most expert articles and videos related to specific parts of the game contain some nugget(s) about choices and making the right decision. Some, like Joe Baker, go into extreme detail to discuss the right strategy. But few address the issue of percentage pickleball like Coach Mo. One of those few is Sarah Ansboury in the following article.

It is a statistical fact that errors rather than outright winners determine the outcome of pickleball matches. It is the same in tennis! That is why you need to learn to play the percentages when you play pickleball.

I think most people would say that I am a pretty aggressive player on the court. And I certainly try to be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t play the percentages. In fact, playing the percentages is essential whether you are a recreational player or an advanced player. Today, let’s review how you can play the percentages when you play pickleball.

Play the Percentages:  Play to Your Strengths

In an earlier post we discussed knowing our strengths. Hopefully, you have examined your game and know what shots will give you the highest probability of success. If so, play to your strengths. If you can dink till the cows come home, why are you trying to smash a well executed dink? If you have power from years on the tennis court, why aren’t you smashing that high, floating return.

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