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Sunday, February 19, 2017

How has Pickleball Changed Your Life

The secret to happiness is...pickleball...

The Pickleball Forum had a good topic that I would like to share.

How has pickleball changed your life (if, indeed it has)?
  • I discovered Pickleball after my father died and I had been in a deep depression for about two years. I said after playing a little while that Pickleball was my way back. So thankful to have been introduced to such a great sport where I've had such fun, met so many great friends, and had wonderful traveling adventures!
  • Pickleball has changed my life because I used to play video games all day every day. Now I want to travel across the country and get in better physical shape.
  • It's great fun and exercise. ,but that's how I met my husband. ..,so I am truly blessed.
  • Pickleball captured my ❤ and has allowed me to lose over 100 pounds!
  • Its been a life changer for me.....had stopped all sports because of a back injury and pickleball got me back into sports....and made the most amazing change in me....mentally and physically.....and the most important thing is that its given me so many friends around the world.
  • I needed a change. I hadn't played racket sports in 16 years and it was killing me. I was too busy living for someone else and not taking care of myself. Pickleball quickly took 40lbs of "baby weight" (she was 4) that began my transformation. New friends and a different perspective soon followed.
  • Gave up tennis because of hip surgery. Other hip started up and I'm only 52, could barely walk to the mailbox. Walked into gym at the Y just to watch, they got me on the court (6 months ago), I forget about the pain because now it only hurts if I DON"T play, truly a blessing.
  • I quit tennis after a knee replacement. Now I'm totally addicted and getting my second knee done in a few days. My motivator to finally do it: Pickleball. Maybe I will be able to handle lobs in a few weeks!
  • I have met great people! It forced me to lose 40lbs because I was too slow getting to the ball and it made me mad.
  • I look forward to another day of pickleball and to share the fun and laughs of all that play pickleball. New friendships are so great. The exercise is an absolute plus.
  • Helped me fully recover from knee replacement.
  • I was a runner that only ran because it was what I could do going out my front door, but I didn't like it. I truly enjoyed volleyball but couldn't get enough competition together for exercise. When I discovered Pickleball, I quit running and nearly dropped vb. Then I got too good and too competitive for my local community and had to chase the competition. I've kept off the 30 lbs I lost initially playing Pickleball 3 or more times a week (plus eating right).
  • Lost 30 pounds in 11 months
  • I no longer am depressed! & helped my stamina...
  • Puts pep in my step for sure!!! Stopped physical therapy because pickleball was helping me more after brain surgery!!!
  • The most fun I've ever had getting exercise.
  • I'm known as the "physical activity evangelist" because I'm always trying to get people to be more physically active. But many of the sports I do (mountain biking) or did (ultimate frisbee, tennis, rball) was too intense for most people. But now, I've found a sport that EVERYONE can do!!! From young to old, jock to couch potato! Able-bodied and challenged athlete!!! So now I can evangelize EVERYONE and anyone to try this sport!!!
  • I started playing 6 years ago when I was 62. This game has helped improve my overall health. I dropped 25#! Diet and exercise. Have met so many new friends and my social calendar is always full.
  • I had a blood disorder that required me to be on Prednisone for six months. When I was done with the regimen, my joints ended up making me feel like I was crippled. So, I gave up tennis and basically played no sports. I ended up gaining 65 lbs over a few years. Eventually I started feeling better, and so I'd go to local tennis courts just to hit off the back board. A friend would be there playing pickleball and kept urging me to try it. After I gave in, I was hooked. My weight, though, made it miserable for me after playing. Aches, pain, etc. So the love of playing plus some other stuff lit a fire under me. I committed myself to dieting and exercising. I lost 90 lbs. Of course that brought about so many benefits over and above being able to play the game with less pain. ("Less pain" but not "no pain" because now I play harder. It's so worth it.)

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