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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hooked on Pickleball

Addiction is a relationship...

The Pickleball Forum had a recent discussion that is worth sharing. Some entries were altered for corrections.

You Know You're Hooked on Pickleball When...
  • You go to wet courts and dink for a half an hour in the rain with a friend.
  • You're doing the dinking motion while you're asleep.
  • You call in sick to work to play.
  • You take days off work just to play
  • You miss five days of work sitting on ice and heat at home because of ripping a hamstring trying to get from the baseline to the net.
  • You get out of the hospital on Saturday from 3 days of gastroenteritis but know you are going to play in the pickleball tourney the next Saturday and you do.

  • You go on vacation and that's all you want to pickleball.
  • You watch tutorials and 5.0 games on YouTube on your work breaks.
  • You cancel an important business meeting while out of town to play.
  • You travel an hour to play knowing a blizzard may keep you from getting home.
  • You have nightmares that all the courts are full.
  • You cancel your first date in 14 years to go play pickleball.
  • You have breast cancer surgery and are back on the court eight days later.
  • You want the weekend to be over because you play on a week night.
  • You drive 2.5 hours each way to get 3-4 hrs of good game.
  • The first thing you ask an RV resort site reservationist...Do you have pickleball?
  • You start typing in auto spell mode and pickleball pops up when you hit the letter 'P'.
  • You are 20 and everyone says you're "semi-retired" because you play more than you work.
  • You decide to quit working so you have more time to play Pickleball.
  • You watch videos and hit against your unfinished basement well that has a line taped on it at the height of the net.
  • You wake up and the first thing you do is look at Pickleball Forum.
  • You plan everything around your pickleball play schedule!
  • You are sleeping and you jerk awake because a ball is coming toward your face!
  • You sell your thriving business to build an indoor facility.
  • You practice backhand dinks in the garage.
  • You start wondering about how to convert every open space - gym, hall, court into a pickleball court.
  • You order new plates for your car that say PIKLBAL.
  • You are in church and you think "if we move these pews out, how many Pb courts would fit".
  • You are counting dinks instead of sheep to fall asleep.
  • You won't have sex because you're saving your strength for a tourney!
  • You talk about pickleball to all your uber drivers.
  • You forget your shoes and are willing to play barefoot!
  • You live in your pickleball outfit- wearing it to church a few times!
  • You think that there probably should be an online dating site just for Pickleballers.
  • You are using pickle balls to decorate your Christmas tree.
  • You where the pickleball is.

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