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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Things You Do NOT Want to Hear from Your Partner

It is a fine thing to be honest, but...

The Pickleball Forum had a good topic that I would like to share.

Things you don't want to hear from your new doubles partner when you step on the court:
  • The beans and cabbage aren't agreeing with me.
  • So this is what it feels like playing sober?
  • Can you explain the scoring system?
  • Are we shirts or skins?
  • Do you mind if I play lefthanded. I have always wondered if I could hit it lefthanded.
  • So if you like the kitchen so much why don't you let me play the baseline?Who cares about the 3rd shot!
  • Every time we score a point I think we should yell, "take that you cockroach".
  • What's a soft game?
  • Sit back. Take notes. Enjoy. I'm here to redefine the conventional Pickleball paradigm.
  • Hey, this ball has holes in it.
  • Btw, I'm a 3.0. I just wanted to see what it would be like to play 5.0.
  • What do you mean I have to serve underhanded?
  • The holster is just in case we lose.
  • I brought cookies because they said I couldn't step in the kitchen, but I don't see one around here, anyway.
  • I hope they don't notice the sling I am wearing on my arm...
  • We die!
  • Ok...this is how I want you to play.
  • Do you have any superglue? I need to re-attach my handle to my paddle before we start.
  • I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal, people know me.
  • I'm used to medaling so you are gonna have to step up your game.
  • Do you mind cutting these handcuffs off?
  • My lobs are usually short. Hope you don't mind.
  • I wanted to do something special for you, so I had our names Bedazzled on the back of our shorts.
  • I thought this was a nude tournament.
  • My last partner is still in the trunk.
  • What is that rectangular box in front of the net ? 
  • You cover your sideline, I'll take everything else!
  • I see dead people
  • Those fancy graphite paddles are overrated. Check out this sweet wood paddle.
  • I have a severe intestinal bug, you probably can't catch it from touching the balls, but you'd better wash your hands after the match.
  • I hope my rug doesn't fall off my head. It did yesterday while playing.
  • I hope these sunglasses don't look too funny... I just got my eyes dilated.
  • Can you hold my hand? I get so nervous when I play?
  • Do these overalls make my butt look big?
  • Do you play it is o.k. to stand in the kitchen after we return the serve?
  • I find it easier to run forward than back so I stay at the baseline.
  • I don't run for any'll have to deal with them.
  • I won this tournament with my last partner!
  • Don't I know you from Tinder
  • We're playing I formation, right?
  • Do you mind if instead of tapping paddles , you just pull my finger?
  • My new years resolution is to actually finish a tournament without getting thrown out.
  • This isn't a knee brace, its black mold.
  • Can I borrow your paddle? Mine keep breaking when I throw them.
  • I like to play no man's land cuz I'm scared of the ball.

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