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About Me

Paul Aaron
Age Group: 60-65
Skill Level: 4.0
Home: Hendersonville, NC

Currently (as of April 2017) USAPA District Ambassador for the Mountain District of North Carolina. Named as USAPA Ambassador, Henderson County, NC in August 2015. 

Pickleball player since April 2014. Player and medalist in several Southeast US tournaments at 3.5 level. Now play at 4.0 level. 

Pickleball home is Cummings Cove Country Club but also play at Xcel, Henderson County Athletic and Activities Center, Transylvania Recreation Center.

Currently progressing toward IPTPA instructor certification. Provide beginner and intermediate level clinics.


  1. Thank you, Paul for this blog. I read what I could find with regard to stacking. Question, do both of the double partners basically play the entire game from their own side of the court, (other then when they are serving from their partner’s side? Is it necessary for their opponents to be serving to a specific member of the opposing team, or is serving to whomever is in the appropriate court ok?

    1. My partner and I used stacking as a strategy to win GOLD at nationals in both 2017 and 2018. Stacking can be very advantageous to your game. Since my forehand is stronger than most of the partners I play with, I will stack always being on the odd side of the court. That allows me to attack when the opportunity arises. Also it allows me to return my partners backhand with my forehand which is usually stronger.

      Brett Noel

  2. Stacking is generally done for a reason and, therefore, most stacking teams will attempt to gain the same same-side position as soon as possible. For example, when a lefty and righty play together, they may decide to have both forehands down the middle. But there are rotations where the serve or return of serve forces one player to the opposite side. When the serve/return is complete, they will often switch sides.

    But that might not happen. Some teams will stack on the serve but not on the return. Some teams will take several shots to change courts. Its all dependent on the players and their comfort level as well as what the opponents may be doing.

    Servers must always serve to the appropriate court based on the rotation rules. The returner of serve must also be appropriate player in the appropriate court based on rotation rules. Stacking does not change the rotation rules.

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  4. Where might I start playing Pickleball near Hendersonville, NC - are there any leagues. I'm a beginner and have never played.

  5. The rules were changed in 2021. Your currently posted answer is wrong for: "Take for example this situation: the serve hits the net and then strikes the receiver’s foot, which is beyond the base line before it hits the ground. What is the call?".

    1. Please check the date of my post. It was accurate at the time. I’m not going to revisit the entire blog for updates. Any expectation to do so is crazy.