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Monday, June 18, 2018

The Erne Strategy

As you pounce on a mouse, I pounce on your dink...

The Erne shot fascinates me - probably because I have never done it. But I'm going to give a shot after writing the next 2 day's posts. I previously wrote about the Erne in The Erne Shot and More on the Erne Shot. But they did not go into the detail I needed to gather enough knowledge to try the shot. After tomorrow, I think I will.

But first, let's view a Mark Renneson video titled Pickleball Strategy: Erne in which Mark discusses the effectiveness of the shot.

A good opponent will present an opponent with an unattackable ball that forces the opponent to hit the ball up. But better players will try to change an unattackable ball to an attackable ball by hitting it while it remains above the net. Such a shot would normally be against the rules since the player would be volleying the non-volley zone. But the way to make the shot within the rules is to go outside the NVZ beyond the sideline. This is the Erne shot, named after Erne Perry.

Watch Mark's video to see the shot in live play and check back tomorrow to learn how to set up the Erne.

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