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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ball Wars: Why Choose the Dura

A wiffleball by any other name...

Let's keep the equipment theme going for one more day, but switch the topic away from paddles and to balls. There is a never-ending debate among players about different balls' pluses and minuses and which ball is best. I will not go through those arguments here. Instead, I want to show one person's view of why the Dura Fast 40 ball is the best ball for outdoor play. Glen Peterson is a top player and offers his thoughts in the video below.

Before viewing the video, here is a quick review of Glen's reasons for his choice:
  • Lower bounce
  • Allows more creativity 
  • Harder ball
  • Makes your skill level improve
  • Longer rallies in the kitchen
  • Spins like it should 
  • It’s the ball pros use 
  • It’s used in all major tournaments
  • The drilled holes

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