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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Getting the fundamentals right...

After all of the equipment talk, let's get back to some play with Tuesday's regular featured Jordan Briones' video. This week, Jordan has Daniel Moore discussing the how to reset the point when the opponents are on the attack and you are back away from the NVZ line. The video is titled How To Hit A Reset Shot with Daniel Moore.

The reset shot is a cross between a "staying alive" shot and a defensive shot to gain a neutral position. It usually results from a poor third-shot drop that allows the opponents to attack from their NVZ line while you are stuck well behind it. As they attack, you are forced to take hard low shots and try to get them back. A reset shot takes it to the next step by dropping it into the NVZ and allowing you to get to the net. One of the most important points Daniel makes is that this shot is hard and it may take multiple attempts before success.

Daniel makes 2 big points about technique as exhibited in the above image. First, you must get low by bending the knees. The ball will be low and hard after being attacked by the opponents. Second, most shots will be with the backhand. There is not enough time to switch back-and-forth between a forehand and backhand. There really is not a swing regardless of side, though. Your shot will mostly be a blocking shot that uses the pace of the opponent's hit. Daniel adds a third point later in the video about keeping your weight forward in order to have momentum toward the net.

There are 2 drills shown in the video. The first shows Daniel at mid-court taking hard low balls and trying to hit drop shots into the kitchen.

The second drill is similar except Daniel starts behind the baseline and moves toward the net by advancing 1-2 steps before hitting another shot. He ends p at the NVZ line.

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