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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Paddle Try-Out

The right tool for the job...

This week, DJ adds to the theme about paddles.

DJ's weekly tip:

Try out several paddles before making a final decision about what to purchase. 
(Unless, of course, you have money to burn and are willing to purchase many paddles. You know who you are and it's ok- go ahead and do your thing.)

It's ok to get suggestions from a friend, a high level player you admire, a local coach, or even a nationally known coach, HOWEVER, please make sure they have your best interest in mind.

There are lots of great paddles and great paddle companies out there and you would be unwise to select the very first paddle the "expert" recommends you try because it is, after all, the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Many top players and coaches are sponsored by paddle companies and it stands to reason they will market and promote that brand. Therefore, it can be difficult sometimes to sort out fact from fiction when someone endorses or promotes a particular paddle. Is this paddle REALLY the greatest new product on the market?

A good teaching pro will offer sound advice and will help you select the right paddle for YOU! He or she will not denigrate all other paddle companies and tout his or her own as superior. A knowledgeable coach should have tested and tried paddles to understand some of the differences among them and if you want to try one out he should give unbiased feedback.

Are there some junk paddles on the market? Sure there are. Are there some really good ones that have great touch, control, power, and balance? Of course. Does one company have the corner on the market with all the best paddles? I'm sorry, no.

Full disclosure- I am sponsored by GAMMA and happily represent the brand. I absolutely love the Mirage paddle followed by the Razor. I am glad to recommend them to my students and allow them the opportunity to try them out. BUT... do I try to convince them that their Selkirk, Paddletek, Onix, or Engage (to name a few) paddle is somehow inferior? Of course not. Those are reputable brands with quality people in charge making quality products.

When looking for a paddle, sort thru the salesmanship of someone looking to sell you a paddle to benefit him rather than you. In the long run you'll be happy you did.

Try some paddles, maybe even several, and keep reppin'!
And as GAMMA says, "Never Stop Playing!"


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