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Monday, June 4, 2018

Picking a Paddle

The right tool for the job...

The growth of of pickleball means new players are always joining. Inevitably, a new player will ask about buying a new paddle and what they should look for.  I have found that a paddle is very personal choice. Some friend play well with - and love - paddles that either feel like bricks or sponges to me. One good thing about the growth of pickleball is that the selection of paddles has also grown. Despite the number of paddle styles, there are some basics that a player can consider and Mark Renneson has a new video to explain these titled How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

This is not Mark's aid to buying paddles. Nor is it the first time I have discussed the topic here. Check out Chapter 14 on the left for more articles about picking a paddle. While Mark hits the basics including paddle shape, face material, and weight, there are other aspects such as grip length and circumference that are discussed in those articles.

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