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Saturday, June 30, 2018

SwiftNet Portable Pickleball Net

Anybody have duct tape...

Is that a familiar refrain at your courts? The typical portable net system has lots of benefits but it is far from perfect. The center post wearing a hole through the top of the net is just the one problem I picked to open this post. But there are always folks looking to build a better mousetrap or, in this case, a better net. 

Pickleball, Inc. has developed a new net system they call the Swiftnet. It is lighter, faster to assemble, and more closely plays like a permanent. Sounds great. But be aware that improvements don't come cheap. This net will retail for $350, about 2-3 times more than traditional nets. Judge the net for yourself.

The second video is titled How to Assemble the SwiftNet Portable Pickleball Net

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