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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Dink Game - Anything Goes

We introduced the dink game in the post Dinking Drills. Deb Harrison took the game to next level by identifying dinking targets in her video The Dink Game Pt 1. Now Deb takes the game to its natural conclusion - playing it out without limits - in the video The Dink Game Pt 2: Recognizing the High Ball.

As a reminder, the basic dink game is played just like a regular game except that all play occurs with players positioned at the non-volley zone line. All shots, including the serve, are dinks and scoring is identical to a regular game. In the "anything goes" version of the game, players can use any shot, including lobs, volleys, overhead smashes, etc.

Using a variety of shots can create an advantage. Several dinks are available.

Lobbing off of dink causes opponents to move off the kitchen line and can create an opening. 

Use whatever shot works to that end and especially look for a high ball to smash for a rally-ending winner. But be patient. Remember the rule of thumb about ball height - hit it soft when hitting up and hit it hard when hitting flat or down.

The dink game is a great example of drilling that is fun. Give it a try.

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