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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Six Rules of the Fast Game - Part 2

Today's post will continue yesterday's discussion of Joe Baker's pickleball strategy video Pickleball Strategy 301 - Six Rules of the Fast Game. We will cover rules 3 and 4 today and conclude with rules 5 and 6 tomorrow. In case you didn't do so yesterday, it might be helpful to review our discussion on the fast play section of his earlier video in the post the Basic Overall Strategy of Doubles - Phase 4. Here is the video that is the subject of today's discussion of rules 3 and 4.

Rule # 3 - When you do have a high ball, seize the moment
  • Playing better opponents means that you must capitalize on every opportunity to end the rally

Rule # 4 - You must defeat your opponents' reaction time with your first fastball shot
  • Statistically, if you start the fast game and fail to defeat your opponents' reaction time with that first shot, you will win that rally only 28% of the time.
  • Defeating reaction time means either winning the rally with that shot or getting a weak return from the opponents, allowing you win the rally with next shot.
  • If you don't defeat your opponents' reaction time, you're just giving him a ball in the air that he can smash back.
  • Successfully defeating reaction time results in winning the rally about 75% of the time.

  • An awkward position means avoiding a player's strongest areas of play. Avoid the mid-torso area near the paddle.
  • Instead, target areas that create the probability of a weak return.

We'll conclude this series with rules 5 and 6 tomorrow.

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