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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dink like the Pros

We earlier discussed the beginner's basic dinking method in Basic Dink Technique. Then we learned about targeting the dink in The Dink Game. While the basic method and targeting is a great start, a more effective dink is "pushing" the ball toward the target low and with spin. Deb Harrison describes this technique in her video Dink Like the Pros.

As with the basic dink, the shot motion is made with the arm and legs. It is not made with any wrist action. One difference between the basic dink and Deb's push dink is the angle of the paddle face. The basic dink has a slightly open face and and upward motion. The more aggressive dink has a paddle angle that is even more open and the swing is flatter to impart back spin. Her key points are shown below.

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