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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Premier Pickleball Post System

A recent post about Hilton Head pickleball included this photo of a net system.

This is a temporary net system that is not embedded in the court surface as permanent net posts are.

But it is much more substantial than the indoor portable net systems that are often used outdoors.

The structural strength of the premier system is evident with a close-up view of the post.

When I saw these nets, my immediate thought was that this would be a good solution for outdoor multi-use courts in western NC. We have a desperate shortage of outdoor courts, not because court space is unavailable, but because equipment is lacking. For example, several courts have painted lines at Jackson Park in Hendersonville but there are no nets. The original portable indoor nets quickly deteriorated when exposed to the weather. These premium nets would not have that problem.

The premier net system is a little more expensive. I found them on-line for about $1,200 with additional shipping. That price includes a wheeled base not shown in the above picture. This allows easy set up and removal. 

Local governments and private communities wanting to set up and grow pickleball should consider spending the extra money for better - and longer lasting - equipment. It is a reasonable price where tennis courts already exist and the cost of permanent courts is so prohibitive that adding courts is impossible. The following Pickleball Channel video shows how it is used in Las Vegas.

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