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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Six Rules of the Fast Game - Part 3

Today's post will conclude discussion of Joe Baker's pickleball strategy video Pickleball Strategy 301 - Six Rules of the Fast Game. We will cover rules 5 and 6. In case you haven't already done so, it might be helpful to review our discussion on the fast play section of his earlier video in the post the Basic Overall Strategy of Doubles - Phase 4. Here is the video that is the subject of today's discussion of rules 5 and 6.

Rule # 5 - When under attack...go low, go near, go out, and go opposite
  • The fast game is so frenetic that there no time to think. The first instinct is to return the ball on the same line as it was hit it to you. This provides no advantage.

  • Best of all is to hit the ground midway between your opponents.

  • The near opponent has less reaction time.

Rule # 6 - Don't hit "out balls"

  • Better players are able to judge balls that are going out and will allow them to pass by. Even if they are occasionally wrong, the strategy works to their advantage.
  • To repeat a line from rule # 3, playing better opponents means that you must capitalize on every opportunity to end the rally, and that includes allowing likely out balls to pass by.

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