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Friday, June 10, 2016

Henderson County Senior Games 2016 Results

Henderson County has provided the results of its pickleball competition for its Senior Games. I have used the same format as used for the Transylvania results.

These results seem more traditional when compared to the Transylvania results. Henderson County reported the results as teams rather than individuals. That prevents the awarding of more than 2 medals in a doubles event. As stated in the Transylvania results post, it is irrelevant for determining eligibility for the state games. Once eligible, players can change partners in the state games. The specific rule says:

"Doubles Sports: the age of the youngest player will determine the age group. A player may compete in only one age group. The age groups are the same as in individual sports. Doubles Partners – If an individual’s partner cannot come to State Finals, that person may select another partner who qualified in that Sport at a Local Games. For example, a participant that qualified in Bowling Doubles may select another partner who qualified in Bowling Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles."

All of the players listed below are eligible for the state games to be held August 30 -September 1 at Carolina Courts in Concord. Congratulations to all participants!!!

Click on the image to enlarge it for reading clarity.


  1. I see at least one mistake on the list. Jim Wilke took first in men's singles and Ken was second. Results are backwards on the grid.

    1. I'll have to double check with the County folks. That's how they were reported to me.