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Friday, February 5, 2016

The 6 Player Team Game

Another variation of pickleball play that I ran across on the Northcarolinapickleball website.

Pickleball 6 Player Teams

Six player teams is the perfect way to do a "mixer" and get your event going. The pace is fast and exciting and, oh yes, it gives our sport a chance to experience cheer leaders like other competitive sports. The nice part is that you only need 1 court to fit in 12 players... Here is the basic shell.

  1. Divide your players into two 6 member teams
  2. Appoint a team captain - who makes rapid substitutions
  3. Designate which players will be offense and defense to start
  4. Team A sends in two offensive players
  5. Team B sends in two defensive players
  6. Team A serves and plays until side out
  7. Upon side out, 4 new offense/defense players rush into the game from both teams and continues play until side out - then repeat subs
  8. Game continues with rapid substitutions until one team earns 11 points
  9. Team members waiting to play cheer, cheer, and cheer their players, trash talking is accepted...keep it clean, however...
Important Note:  Each offensive player can only earn two points. As soon as they get their two offensive points, they are out of the game. This way every team player must earn points for their team. First team to 11 wins.

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