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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Basic Dink -- Consistency

We seem to have a theme going recently with several posts about dinking. There is a reason - the dinking game is a very important part of a winning strategy. We first posted a new video to show 5 Steps to a Winning Dink. That was followed by a clinic and post where dinking was the primary subject. Today's post is yet another new video about dinking.

The video (called Basic Dink -- Consistency) comes from a top female player, Sarah Ansboury. Sarah describes the video as:

This video is focused on the basic dink, which means a consistent dink without much spin or pace on the ball. There are many strategies and techniques that come alone with the dink, but here we are focusing on a few tips most players can use to increase their consistency in the dink rally.

Several points should be noted:
  • She uses a continental grip that allows both forehand and backhand shots without switching the paddle grip.
  • She uses a neutral paddle position in the ready position, meaning the paddle is perpendicular to her body and ready to shift to either side.
  • She takes a wide stance to minimize the need to take steps.
  • She keeps her elbows away from her body to allow the swing to come from her shoulder.
  • She "steers" the ball with her paddle, using a simple and straight swing without spin.

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