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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Backhand Ground Stroke - New Video

When I write a post for this site, I try to include the best information and videos available at the time. A relatively new and rapidly growing sport has new information created frequently however. I will always try to keep readers up to date with the latest information by adding updates as they become available.

Such is the case with a new Pickleball Channel video called The Backhand with Slow Motion - Yvonne Hackenberg about the backhand groundstroke that recently was sent to me. It is an excellent view of the proper hitting technique with slow motion action. It should be viewed in conjunction with reading my posts The Backhand Back Stroke and Strengthening the Backhand Ground Stroke.

The video highlights several parts of the stroke:
  1. Move your feet to get into proper position.
  2. Focus on your target to improve accuracy.
  3. Watch the ball hit your paddle to ensure clean contact.
  4. Keep opponents back with deep shots.
  5. Finish high.

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