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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ready Position Quick Tip

I previously posted an article on The Ready Position at the Kitchen Line in which I recommended positioning the paddle parallel to the body.

This recommendation was based on personal experience and alignment with many of the top players' techniques. For example, the above photo is Brian Staub, a national gold medal winner.

But I have always said that there are lots of techniques that work and everyone should find the one that works best for them. Mark Renneson has a quick tip in his newsletter expressing a different preference. From Mark:

When waiting at the net to volley, it's helpful NOT to stand this way. While you'll be well prepared to hit the ball if it comes to your body or backhand, you'll have a lot of work to do to hit a ball speeding towards your forehand side.

Instead, stand with your paddle in a neutral position so you'll be equally ready no matter where the ball goes.

Mark links a video describing drop volleys that isn't relevant here but I am assuming that the position he uses in the video is his recommendation.

What I found interesting in watching the video is that an earlier sequence shows a different positioning where he has more of a backhand grip.

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