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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finding a Tournament Partner

I have never been on any dating site such as or eHarmony. I can't imagine what kinds of questions are asked that attempt to create a lasting relationship. But, despite my naivete, I am going to try to do that here.  No, I am not going to ask a bunch of personal questions and I am not trying to set up romantic connections. I will attempt to provide a clearinghouse for players to find partners for tournament play.

Many tournaments have the option of registering as a single player "Needing a Partner". The tournament organizers will do their best to match players of equal ability and age. But - and this is a big BUT - there are no guarantees that a partner will be found. I recently went through this process to find a female partner for the Mixed Doubles in the upcoming Low Country Pickleball Classic. I was successful and am now partnered with a Hilton Head Island player that I have met only in email.

 tournaments require a partner to be listed with registration. These tournaments make no pretense that they will try to find a partner and will not even accept a "single" registration. That leaves those without partners unable to play in these tournaments.

Since I posted the news of a couple of local tournaments, I have had a couple of players ask me if I knew of other local players with whom they could partner to play. Those requests pointed to the lack of a local network to help arrange partners. So, we are going to try to that on this site. We will focus on local and areas tournaments like the following:
Those interested in finding a partner for these (or any other tournament) should send me an email (click on my profile for an email link) with information on the partner requirements - Male/Female, Tournament Age Group, and Skill Level. I will do my best to find and match the requirements with others who submit a request. This system will only work if enough people participate so be sure to tell others about the process.

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