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Sunday, February 21, 2016

PBX Club

I have been intending to post this for a long time but have been negligent in its delay. A pickleball oriented podcast originates from right here in Hendersonville hosted by one of our Crosswalk players - Chris Allen. The podcast has amazing content, talking about strategies, tips, equipment, and much more with guests ranging from top players to rules experts. It is a great source of information about pickleball. From the PBX Club website:

 stands for “PickleBall Excellence.” PBX Club is a community of pickleball enthusiasts, devoted to playing our best and growing this great sport throughout the world.

Our #1-rated podcast*,
“The Pickleball Show” features tips, tricks and strategies for playing better pickleball, interviews with top pickleball players, pickleball equipment reviews, pickleball tournament info and more!

Click on picture above to visit the site!

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