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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Touch and Feel Drills on your Own

Without touch, you're a banger...

But how can you drill if there isn't a wall? Maybe you're at home or, ahem, in your office when the pickleball bug bites. Again, Chris Wolfe has the solution. There are some things you can practice with just a ball and a paddle. These might remind you of the tapping exercise used at beginner clinics, but the same exercise done with a purpose can help develop touch. Thus, the name of the video is Improve Your Pickleball Touch and Feel - Self Drills.

Chris starts with a simple paddle tap, forehand, backhand, and varying heights.

Then, you can alternate the forehand and backhand by flipping the paddle between hits.

Next, practice spin shots.

To step up the difficulty, alternate hitting between the paddle face and the paddle edge.

Finally, the expert shot is to alternate between the top edge and the end edge. Good luck with that one.

The video is below.

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