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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Backboard Drills Part 2

The wall never loses...

Yesterday's post discussed some basic wall drills for beginner through advanced players as resented by Joe Baker. Joe has a second video for several very specific shots that we highlight today. Joe's second video is Backboard Wall Drills for Pickleball Volume 2.

Again, Joe emphasizes the importance of drilling to improve your game. He states that practice time is at least 10 times more efficient and effective than playing time.

Third Shot Practice

Practice third shot drops by standing about 20 feet from the wall. Feed yourself a ball by hitting a high hard shot that will rebound to reach you in one bounce (shot 1 below). Then hit a drop shot so it reaches its apex about 7' from the wall and hits the wall above the net while descending (shot 2 below).

The ball will rebound slowly from the drop shot. After 2-3 bounces, repeat the pattern with shot 1.

Advanced players may want to practice a "scooping" shot that adds backspin. It is very difficult to master the timing and the shot and is not recommended for most players.

Sharp Angle Practice

This drill requires 2 walls in a corner. The drill involves changing he direction of the ball by alternately hitting to the other wall.

Staying Down Drill

Practice dinking with proper form. Keep your body compressed in an athletic position that allows you to reach into the kitchen to volley short balls that would otherwise target your feet.

Joe's video follows.

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