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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Moving Dink Drill

Make drills fun...

Continuing the Jordan Briones series, this post covers a 2-player dink drill with one player moving along the NVZ line. Jordan's video, Pickleball Dink Drill | "You Go - I Go" Dink Control Drill, shows how to work on targeting as well as footwork. 

To set up the drill, one player (the feeder) starts at the NVZ line and the other player (the driller) starts across the net on the opposite NVZ line as shown below. This drill will use the entire width of the court.

From this starting position, the feeder starts a dink rally. The driller, in this case Jordan, moves one or two steps to his right as the feeder leads him across the court. The driller continues to the far sideline and then returns back his starting position by moving slowly parallel to the NVZ line. As he moves in both directions, his dinks should be hit back to the feeder, who remains stationery in the starting position throughout the drill. Any errors will just cause a reset at the point of the error. When the driller returns to his starting position, roles are reversed so each player takes turns as feeder and driller.

The video is below.

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