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Friday, December 8, 2017

3rd Shot Drop Drill

Make drills fun...

This post is another in the series of Jordan Briones' drills. As with his other videos, he makes this drill a game. This makes what otherwise can be a task into a fun exercise, meaning we all are more likely to do it. 

The fifth video, Pickleball 3rd Shot Drill | "0 to 60" Drill, covers the 3rd shot drop. To set up the drill, one player (the feeder) starts at the NVZ line and the other player (the driller) starts at the opposite baseline but in the same half of the court. This drilling game will use only 1/2 of the court for boundaries. 

The feeder hits a ball to the driller whose sole objective is to hit a drop shot into the kitchen. The feeder also drills by practicing deep shots to spots and with spin. The driller wins points with drop shot into the kitchen. When the driller fails to do so by hitting it out of bounds, into he net, or beyond the NVZ line, the players reverse roles. The driller becomes the feeder and moves to he NVZ line and the feeder becomes the driller and moves to the baseline. The new driller now has an opportunity to score points with drop shots into the kitchen. Points can only be won by the driller, but the feeder can make the driller's shot as difficult as possible.

The game is played to 60 points. The video is below.

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