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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"2 in 1" Drill

Make drills fun...

This post is the next in the series of Jordan Briones' drills. While this one differs in that there is no scorekeeping for a competition, the 2 players do switch positions from feeding to drilling based on success or failure in the drill. 

This video (the sixth), Pickleball 3rd Shot Drill | "2 & 1" Drill, covers shots from the dink to the 3rd shot drop. To set up the drill, both players start at the NVZ line on opposite sides of the net but in the same half of the court. This drilling game will use only 1/2 of the court for boundaries. 

The feeder hits a ball to the driller whose objective is to hit a dink into the NVZ. The feeder also drills by practicing returns to the driller but only to set up the shot to be drilled. After the driller's first dink, the feeder returns with a dink so the driller can hit a second dink. If the second dink is successfully hit into the NVZ, the driller drops back a step or two and repeats the process by hitting 2 successful drop shots into the NVZ. The pattern continues with the driller's success by dropping back through the entire court to the baseline. If the driller fails with any shot, the positions are switched with the driller becoming the feeder. 

A point of emphasis is that all of these drop shots - whether from the NVZ, the baseline, or anywhere in between - use similar form. The only difference is the acceleration of the paddle through the ball and the length of the follow-through. This drill helps to practice the technique with the small adjustments needed to allow for the greater distance as the player moves away from the net.

The video is below.

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