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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Offbeat Sunday - Forum Trash Talk Part 2

I don't trash talk often, but when I do I go for the jugular...

I posted an article last year called Trash Talking. Then, I followed it up in June with some of the best trash talking from the Pickleball Forum in an article called Forum Trash TalkNow, its time for part 2 of Forum Trash Talk.

  • Are you stuck on stupid?
  • It's not your fault, it's just an ability thing.
  • There's a net there.
  • If you're gonna just watch the ball, buy a ticket.
  • You need to hold the paddle with the grip end. Then again, it may not help.
  • Maybe you should try fishing.
  • Are you just standing there for moral support.
  • You tripped over those lines again?
  • Did you save the receipt for that paddle.
  • I guess the court needs to be 6 inches wider.
  • It's a good thing I took an Excedrin before I got here.
  • You must be Dairy Queen, because that sure is a soft serve
  • Where you ready? Would you like a mulligan?
  • You are missing the court by a much smaller margin than you usually do.
  • For you, that was a good shot.
  • When I said "yours", that was probably confusing. I meant "yours".
  • I'm sorry I called you stupid, I thought you knew.
  • While you're in there, go ahead make me a sandwich.
  • Keep hitting them right there it's perfect.
  • Those two players are definitely 5.0...when they combine their skill level.
  • Aside from shot selection, location, speed and height...that was a pretty good shot.
  • You're missing a good game.
  • Whose team are you on?
  • I can play left handed if you want me to.
  • Too bad your eyes were shut and you didn't see that good shot.
  • Quit getting in the way.
  • Your drive was so bad I bet your insurance rates just went up.
  • Your serve takes so long they've built a retirement home next door.
  • Are you playing baseball?
  • You must have really been something when you were alive.
  • Don't be a spectator.

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