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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disguise through Consistency

Body language gives away tendencies...

I recently wrote a series of articles about using body language to deceive your opponent. Shortly thereafter, Mark Renneson releases a video on the same topic. I want to work it in while the concept remains on readers' minds.

Mark's video, Pickleball Strategy: Disguise Your Dink, shows the deception that a consistent set-up provides when hitting either a dink or a drive. This is similar to one of the shots discussed by Morgan Evans in Disguise Your Shot. But Mark has some pretty good video to support the discussion.

The image below is one example from the video. It shows a side-by-side comparison of Mark's set-up for the drive on the left and the dink on the right. Other than a slight variation to account for the bounce and position of the ball, they are nearly identical. There is virtually no way that an opponent can determine which shot is coming based on Mark's body language.

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