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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Product Review: Play Pickleball Today - P2 Paddle

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance... 

I have only recently started to give product reviews with a recent review of a paddle and a ball picker-upper. I have also been asked to test another new paddle and write a review. This review will also appear on Amazon. It is for a Pickleball Today paddle - the P2 Contrast.


Let me first discuss the "feel" of the paddle. The paddle is made to standard dimensions with a weight of 8.6 ounces. It felt well-balanced and played that way. Its weight is a full 1.3 ounces heavier than my usual paddle, but its balance makes the difference feel smaller. I love the feel of the grip. It has raised ribs that allow the paddle to be comfortably gripped. The ribs align with a right-handed players fingers but may be less comfortable for a lefty. The paddle face was smoother than mine but the graphite was solid. Overall, the paddle felt well-constructed and I believe it could take a good amount of hard play. 

The first thing I noticed about playing with the paddle is that it is LOUD. I can safely say that it was by far the loudest paddle among the 20 players in my group. It is probably not a paddle for players whose clubs are near homes or are otherwise noise restricted. The second thing I noticed was the additional power I got from the paddle. I expected some increased power due to its weight and its being new, but the differential was more than I anticipated. My opponents (who are accustomed to my normal play) even commented on the different speed the ball had when it reached them.

While I expected more power, I feared that would be offset in the soft game - dinks and drop shots. But I was able to rapidly adjust to the additional power and place these shots similarly to my regular play. The one area of play where my concern came to be realized was spin. I do like to put topspin on shots and I was concerned the smooth surface would make that more difficult than the rougher surface I normally use. That proved to be true. I was able to add some spin but it took more focus and effort and the results were still less than I like.

In summary, I really like the paddle for the skill group for which it is advertised - beginner to intermediate. It is currently a great price - under $40 - for the quality. The ribbed grip will help a beginner and intermediate player to properly position their hand on the paddle. Having said that, I would not recommend it to those who like light paddles as this one is at the heavy end of the market. Nor would I recommend it to advanced players due to the factors mentioned above.  All-in-all, the P2 is pretty good paddle. 

The paddle was also recently approved by the USAPA for tournament play.


Play Pickleball Today - P2 Pickleball Paddle - Graphite Paddle Face and Nomex Paper Honeycomb Core - Medium weight 8.2 - 8.6 ounce - Beginners to intermediate play - Large sweet spot - Maximum control

Because it can be played fast or slow, that’s what makes it grow. Little kids can play it and have fun, older kids can play it and seniors can play it. It’s according to their speed and their skill … it’s a sport that can be played fast and furious, or slow depending on what your skill is.

  • GRAPHITE PADDLE FACE: The advanced graphite face provides a surface with traction, perfect accuracy for maximum ball control.
  • POPULAR WEIGHT RANGE: 8.2 – 8.6 ounce paddle weight in the most populair middle weight range to provide stability and absorb shock.
  • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED: PlayPickleBall Today’s Nomex paper honeycomb core is currently the most advanced technic available for redefined strength and high performance. Lightweight but strong for great dinks, volleys and slams.
  • WIDEBODY PADDLE SHAPE – With its large sweet spot, the paddle strikes the perfect balance between great gameplay, control power and manoeuvrability.
  • EXTRA COMFORT GRIP – The 4 1/4” grip has a solid feel with enhanced stability. At PlayPickleball Today we’ve developed our paddle to be enjoyed by beginner to advanced players indoors and outdoors.


Property                         Description
SKU                                AT17P2CONTRAST
ASIN                               B06Y4T15Y3
EAN                                56D3958047C29472
Hitting Surface                Graphite
Weight Class                   Medium weight
Core Material                   Nomex Paper Honeycomb
Frame Material                Graphite
Attribute                           Control Paddle
Weight                             240 grams +/- 9 grams (8.5 oz +/- 0.3 oz)
Balance                           225 mm
Paddle Shape                 Wide Body
Paddle dimensions         15½” L x 7¾” W (395 mm L x 200 mm W)
Grip dimensions              Medium grip circumference 4¼” (105 mm)
Effective Hitting Area      65½ in² (424 cm²)
Edge Guard                    ⅛” overlapping guard / Neoprene Synthetic Rubber
Grip Material                   Gamma perforated / Stich / Medium tack
Grip length                      4¾” (125 mm)

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