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Monday, September 25, 2017

2017 Suncoast Pickleball Boot Camp Photos - Week 1

There is no crying in pickleball. Suck it up camper...

Russell Elefterion (Coach Russell) kicked off his 2017 boot camps at Montreat last week. I dropped in on Wednesday to take some photos. I arrived just as the players were returning to courts from lunch so I had little time to talk wit them. The comments I received were highly complimentary of the instructors, the facility, and even the food. Job well done, Russell!

The Instructors

Phil Bagley

Deb Harrison

Steve Kennedy

Paul Coletta

Gigi LeMaster

Lee-Anna Camper

Scott Tingley

The Action

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  1. These Pictures are fantastic!!!! How did you get them to be so clear??? Must be the