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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Referee Training in Hendersonville

No one applauds a referee...

Those who have played in pickleball tournaments in the Southeast US are aware that very few are sanctioned. One of the reasons for non-sanctioned events is the dire lack of referees. The USAPA wants to remedy that problem with referee training, including certification.  But we have to learn to walk before we run, so we will start with the basics.

We are fortunate to have a willing and able volunteer to get referee training off the ground in the Mountain District and beyond. Inga Carr went through referee training this past winter in Arizona and was asked by the USAPA to boost the referee training program in North Carolina and nearby areas.  

Inga has already trained dozens of folks in various locations in NC, VA, and probably more states. Now she has scheduled training in Hendersonville, NC.  Inga will offer her Pickleball Ref 101 class, which she describes as:
Pickleball Ref 101 class will help you get comfortable refereeing a pickleball game.  This class will focus on standardized refereeing procedures and techniques.  The class will give you an understanding of the score sheet and the use of the clothespin to track servers.  You’ll be guided through the process of what to do before a tournament; a pre match routine; refereeing a match and what to do after the match is done. The class is approximately 3 hours.  It will involve a lecture and then a demonstration match.
The class will be offered at Xcel Sportsplex just off I-26 on August 17 and August 29 from 9:30-12:30.  Most importantly, the class is FREE.

Inga and I encourage anyone and everyone to attend. As I noted above, we need referees in general. More specifically, we need referees for several upcoming sanctioned or pro tournaments in the area. As an added bonus, some of these tournaments are paying referees $5 per match. Players have the opportunity to get some of their entry fees back while learning more about the game. Inga’s Pickleball Ref 101 class will allow attendees to determine whether refereeing is for them.

Contact me through this website or Facebook if you have an interest.  Equally important, get word to the players in your area and have them make the contact.  We will be working on accommodations for those who need to stay overnight.

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