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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Offbeat Sunday - Pickleball Restaurants

I like a restaurant that uses a net to separate the diners from the kitchen...

Time to go to the Pickleball Forum again for Offbeat Sunday material. This one is about food.

Somehow the discussion about food came up at a tournament. It was interesting to hear what restaurants players enjoyed after a hard day of Pickleball, my favorites are 1. Red Lobber, 2. Kentucky Fried Kitchen, and 3. Long John Silver Medal. Do you have a fav place to eat ?

  • Perkins Slamcake House
  • Crack-in-the Dura Barrel

  • Baskin Lobbins
  • McDinkles
  • Backhand Steak House
  • Dinkin Donuts
  • International House of Slamcakes
  • Taco Ball
  • Outback Dinkhouse
  • P.F. Poachers
  • Buffalo Wild Dinks
  • Smashburger
  • Dinky Queen

  • Appleballs
  • Outblock Steakhouse
  • Wifflehouse
  • Smash-fil-la
  • Dominator's Pizza
  • The Volley Garden
  • Jack in the Blocks
  • Krispy Kreme-it
  • Cracker blocker
  • Starblocks
  • Dinklebees
  • The Outback STACK house
  • Stacko Bell
  • Ben and Volleys Ice cream
  • Smackdonalds
  • White line Castle
  • Dink-fil-A
  • Spinnabon

  • Lobfathers Pizza
  • 5.0 Guys
  • Dura Queen
  • Stack in the box
  • Joe's Crab Stack
  • Cheers Bar and Drill
  • Arby's Poach Beef
  • Stack 'n Shake
  • I Short-Hop
  • Planet Volleywood
  • Poundarosa Stackhouse
  • Rally's
  • Beef O'Banger's
  • Damon's Drill

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