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Friday, July 28, 2017

2017 USAPA Great Lakes Regional/Pickleball Fever in the Zoo Results

You earn medals at practice. You just pick them up at tournaments...

Some local players ventured quite a distance to participate in the USAPA Great Lakes Regional tournament in Kalamazoo, Michigan last weekend. Photos are from Facebook.

Deb Richter and Irene Romagosa went 3-1 in the Women's Doubles 4.0 (60-69) and won a gold medal.

Congratulations Irene and Deb!

Deb Richter and Scott Siewert went 3-2 in the Mixed Doubles 4.0 (60-69) and won a silver medal.

Congratulations Scott and Deb!

Scott Siewert and Robert Romagosa went 3-2 in the Men's Doubles 4.0 (60-69).

Scott Siewert went 1-2 in the Men's Singles 4.0 (60+).

Well Done All!

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