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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Growing Pickleball in Hendersonville - the Current Generation

Experts start as beginners...

A beginner pickleball clinic was held on July 22 at the Henderson County Athletics and Activity Center. Sixteen new players attended the clinic which was organized by Henderson County USAPA ambassador Deb Romaine. Deb was ably assisted by fellow ambassador Larry Appleby and volunteers Duke Angier and Larry Formicella.

I briefly visited with some of the players and they were enthusiastic about the game of pickleball and greatly appreciative of the instructions by Deb and the other volunteers. They asked for more clinics in order to learn the game even faster.

Some pictures of the clinic follow.

I recently wrote an article - Pickleball Growth, Volunteerism, and USAPA Ambassadors - in which I talked about the important role that volunteers play in the growth of pickleball. This clinic is a perfect example. All 4 instructors volunteered their time to help others learn the game. They did this knowing full well that adding players to the roster of HCAAC would only create less court availability for themselves. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts.

Next task for us is to continue working to get more courts!

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