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Friday, June 2, 2017

The Illegal Server - More Actions

I don't have to play by these rules, I actually have my own version...

Jeff Napier discussed using a psychological ploy to address an illegal server in a post several days ago. Calling someone for an illegal serve can be a delicate situation. First, the service motion is so quick that marginally legal/illegal serves are very difficult to judge. Second, servers may never had been told before and will not believe it. Mark Renneson has a video that addresses a couple of ways to handle the situation.

Mark explains his suggestions in more detail and I will not repeat it here. I will my additional comments, though.

Mark talks about taking a video to show the player. Obviously this must be done before the game. It should be part of the scouting evaluation done for potential opponents. Then it can be used at your discretion. My suggestion - in a refereed match - would be to show the referee the video and ask him to watch the serve for the illegal motion.

This option is the one I most often choose. Most play is recreational and I never call players for illegal actions. I will, however, tell the offending player about the action and that he could be called for it in tournament play. Even in tournament play, I rarely make the call. I do so only if the illegal motion creates an advantage for the server.

Mark's video is called How to Deal with an Illegal Server.

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