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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to Hit the Around the Post Shot

Knowledge of geometry is advantageous...

After watching the around the post shots in yesterday's article, the technique seems pretty obvious - wait for a wide shot and hit it to a target along the sideline. The obvious is true but there are some fine points to the shot that makes it easier. A couple of videos will help us learn some of these techniques.

The first video is from Mark Renneson and is called Pickleball Strategies: Around The Post.

In this video, Mark covers the basics I mentioned above. You must allow the ball to go wide enough to be outside the court and the best shot is down the line below the level of the net.

The second video is Brian Staub (Poach PB) and is called Pickleball Around the Post

Brian goes into much more detail about the patience needed to wait for the ball to be at the optimal point for the shot. He explains the geometry of the opponent's shot - typically an angled dink - will create the opportunity. The opponent's shot will be from one sideline toward the other. The direction will continue after the bounce and the ball will leave the bounds of the court. As it drops from its apex, it continues to move away from the court and creates a better angle for the around the post shot. There is more room for error as the ball moves farther from the post.

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