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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Erne Shot

As you pounce on a mouse, I pounce on your dink...

The Erne shot is one of the rarest shots in pickleball. It is rare for a reason - it takes quick movement after making a quick judgment. It is also controversial in that many times it violates the non-volley zone rules. The Erne shot is a volley hit right at the net with a player positioned outside the court. Before we get too deeply into the shot, some videos showing the shot would be helpful.

The first videos is from Jeff Shank in the Villages, Florida. He shows the shot in actual play. The entire rally can be seen starting with the serve at 2:35.

The second video shows 4 Erne shots right at the start of the video.

The third video shows an amazing double Erne. The same player hits an Erne on consecutive shots without ever returning to the court! The rally starts with the serve at 1:28. This is a fun game to watch with many attempts at Erne shots throughout.

Finally, the last video is another from Jeff Shank with him demonstrating the Erne shot outside of a game scenario,


  1. But where did The Ernie name originate!

    1. The Erne Shot is named after the player that invented it – Erne Perry.