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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Offbeat Sunday: Pickleball Diseases

They certainly give strange names to diseases...

The Pickleball Forum is great source for Offbeat Sunday material. Here is yet another example.

I know some of you think the word games are kind of childish, but this one has a serious note. This morning I had to visit the doctor and much to my chagrin he diagnosed me with a Pickleball disease. But I forgot which one, I thought he said 
  • Lob-otomy
  • Blocked artery
  • Around the post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Short dink syndrome 
  • Dinkitis

  • Dink Eye
- That's treatable with Third Shot Eye Drops
  • Doubles bypass surgery
  • Advanced Dink Disease
  • Tendonetis
  • Chlobmydia
  • Elobla Virus
  • Genital Servepes
  • A weak stroke
  • Receding baseline (balled)
  • Ground stroke
  • Heart A-stack
  • Around the post-op
  • Dinka Virus
  • ADHD - Awful Dink High Dink Disorder
  • Ballzheimer's Disease
  • Dinkarrhea
  • Lob Cow Disease
  • Dinkabetes
  • Dinktherea
  • Down-time Syndrome

Paddle Fasciitis
High Lob Pressure
Inflammatory Ball Disease
Mental error Health
Yellow-ball Fever
Whoop-them Cough
West Net Virus
SARS - Serve and Return Serve
Slamit Fever
Volley Hepatitis
Thrush the net
Irritable Banger Syndrome
Split-step Throat

Chest-bump Cold
Advanced Incurable Dink Syndrome. AIDS
Juggs Lime disease.
The block plague

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