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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Best Advice You Ever Got

The best advice comes from people you trust...

The Pickleball Forum recently featured a post with the topic theme. It provides an excellent point from which to kick off some discussions. There is lots of good stuff in this.

What is the best Pickleball advice you have ever received?
  1. Prem Carnot's "Keep your paddle up".
  2. Keep your eye on the ball all the way to the paddle.
  3. You want to get to the kitchen so I can't see your feet.
  4. Pickleball is a game of control and restraint...and putting the ball where the other people ain't.
  5. Stay in tandem with your partner
  6. Hit it where they ain't.
  7. Pause and take a breath before you serve, don't rush.
  8. Anything above the waist, slam it.
  9. Hit a 3rd shot drop
  10. Watch the ball, bend your knees.
  11. Don't run through the ball...stop and hit it.
  12. Stay on your toes.
  13. Keep calm and dink on.
  14. Plant your feet before you hit the ball, especially when coming up from the back line.
  15. if you have an opponent back, keep them back . Don't invite them to the net. 
  16. Change to a continental grip.
  17. Learn a 3rd shot and 5th shot.
  18. Breathe.
  19. When in doubt, hit it in.
  20. As the serving team, when the serve is returned to my partner, go as a TEAM to the NVZ, not alone.
  21. Learn the dink game.
  22. Keep your eye on the ball.
  23. There is no shot clock in Pickleball.
  24. Move up.
  25. The difference between a 4.0 player and a 4.5 player is not your abilities it's limiting mistakes. 
  26. Sarah Ansboury's "Paddles up".
  27. R*E*L*A*X.
  28. You're not aggressive enough in the dinking game. Don't forget about the flick.
  29. Move to the kitchen line.
  30. Make your opponent hit the ball from below the net.
  31. Paddle up, track the ball.
  32. See that net? No matter how good you get it will always be in the way.
  33. Eye on the ball all the way to the paddle.
  34. Don't dwell, Move on to the next point.
  35. Bend your knees, not your waist.
  36. Learn to place the ball, instead of just hitting it.
  37. Take the ball in front and keep moving forward. 
  38. Dink
  39. Don't stand flat-footed, stay on your toes.
  40. Have fun and enjoy the game!
  41. Serve deep.
  42. Focus on doing things right, bad habits are hard to break
  43. Be patient and let the ball come to you.
  44. Keep your eye on the ball.
  45. Communicate with your partner.
  46. Keep your paddle up and your eye on the ball.
  47. Learn the drop shot.
  48. Get settled in home position at the kitchen line and be ready to hit 50 dinks.
  49. Hit it high you die.
  50. Serve deep, return deep, then hit at their feet.
  51. Hit down the center.
  52. Get to the front and stay there... do not back up.
  53. You move, you win.
  54. The Four D's of pickleball....Serve DEEP, Return DEEP, DROPSHOT and DINK!

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