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Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Four Season Senior Games Results

You earn medals at practice. You just pick them up at tournaments...

Henderson County held its Senior Games pickleball competition on Friday, May 12. It was the best attended event yet. The medalists are shown below.

Women's Doubles

Ages 60-64
Gold               Winston Kobe - Nancy Rader
Silver              Deb Romaine - Sally Rollins
Bronze           Susan Swayze - Barbara Wehrly

Ages 65-69
Gold               Beth Corn - Joanna Nache
Silver              Annie Bubnis - Lin Kolb
Bronze           Maureen Heaphy - Carol Palmer

Mixed Doubles

Ages 50-54
Gold               Jen Kemp - Rick Griffis
Silver              Beth Corn - Chris Lamb

Ages 60-64
Gold               Susan Swayze - Denis Romeo
Silver              Joanna Nache - Paul Aaron
Bronze           Winston Kobe - Larry Appleby

Ages 65-69
Gold               Nancy Rader - Bill Rader
Silver              Annie Bubnis - Wayne Bubnis
Bronze           Carolyn Maxwell - Duke Angier

Ages 70-74
Gold               Anne Booth - Ken Weitzen
Silver              Carole Palmer - Don Palmer

Men's Doubles

Ages 50-54
Gold               Brian Johnson - Chris Lamb

Ages 60-64
Gold               Denis Romeo - Mike Harbin
Silver              Rick Griffis - Larry Formicella
Bronze           Paul Aaron - Rich Ferragina

Ages 65-69
Gold               John Van Blaricom - John Wehrly
Silver              Larry Appleby - Gary Golbesky
Bronze           Duke Angier - Brad Swift

Ages 75-79
Gold               George Reynolds - Gordon Kraus

Ages 80-84
Gold               Buzz Stickney - Dick Brock

Men's Singles

Ages 50-54
Gold               Brian Johnson

Ages 60-64
Gold               Denis Romeo
Silver              Rick Griffis
Bronze           Paul Aaron

Ages 65-69
Gold               John Van Blaricom
Silver              Larry Appleby

Ages 70-74
Gold               Ken Weitzen

Ages 75-79
Gold               George Reynolds

Ages 80-84
Gold               Buzz Stickney
Silver              Gordon Kraus

Well Done All!!!

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