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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A New Resource - Keith Bing

Start where you, then learn from others...

I am always looking for new sources of information. Some time ago, I discovered a set of Vimeo videos from a coach in Florida, Keith Bing. I never included them in my blog because I was not able to embed them in posts. But I have now completed the links to 63 new videos in my Resources page.

The following information is from Keith's website:

At age 16 Keith Bing was teaching exercise classes for seniors. Keith is now a senior teaching pickleball to 16 year olds. Keith has taught K-6, MS, HS and College. Outside the classroom, he has tutored hundreds of individuals with interests in Apple Macs, the internet, and digital print, photo & video production. Keith's coaching experience includes softball, basketball, field hockey and pickleball.

For Keith, the first go at playing pickleball proved to be a eureka moment. It was instantly apparent this was a terrific sport. Keith has undertaken a comprehensive study of all the particulars of pickleball. Playing, coaching, pickleball photography and pickleball video production has become a daily activity. Work centered around pickleball has become a second vocation in addition to photography.

Keith's videos are an eclectic collection. He includes some lessons done by himself. But many are from other coaches like Jodi and Robert Elliott as well as Dominic Catalano. In addition, he has videos on equipment and the history of the game.

I think you will find his videos worthwhile. Vimeo videos are typical HD quality and his are very done. To view them, click on the Resources - Exert Videos and Articles i the upper right column of the blog. Then scroll down to click on Keith Bing.

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