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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are Pros Different?

Sometimes fantasy is better than reality...

Now we know how much Sarah Ansboury emphasizes the "paddle up" position that we everyday players so often take as the fantasy ideal. Mark Renneson has done an analysis of the pros to determine if they use the technique in the real world. The results might surprise you.

Mark has learned that many pros do not use the paddle up technique at all. Some examples follow.

Glen Peterson

Kyle Yates

Marcin Rozpedski
Mark theorizes that the pros drop their paddle in order to provide better balance - a high paddle position raise their center of gravity. Better balance allows them to move more quickly. They are compromising some ability to adjust to fast shots in order to enhance their ability to move.

Mark also points out that this is not a universal technique. Top players like Simone Jardim and Tyson McGuffin utilize the higher position of the paddle up technique.

Mark's video, Pickleball Strategy: The Myth of 'Paddle Up', is shown below.

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