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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A "Deadly Mistake"

One stupid mistake can change everything...

Today I will post the third Sarah Ansboury article on keeping your paddle up. She thinks the technique is so fundamental that she calls it a "deadly mistake" to allow your paddle to point to the court. 

There is one pickleball mistake that I see more often than any other. I see it among the most players. And I see it repeatedly during a game. It also happens to be one of the most deadly things we can do. Any guesses?

NVZ Pickleball Mistake

Though we can do this anywhere on the court, we most often see it at the non-volley zone line. After making contact with the ball we drop that paddle down pointing at the ground. As we watch the ball fly over the net, our paddle drops down and our body is pulled down with it. Now in order to get to the next ball, we have to go twice the distance.

Pickleball Mistakes have Consequences

Instead of our paddle being in a forward tracking position making our stroke a simple A TO B motion we now have to go A to H in order to get to the next ball. Often times I see players making a big circle with their paddle. You may think it only takes a second, but that second has consequences:

  • Time: Split seconds are crucial in pickleball. Don’t waste a second returning your paddle to the proper position.
  • Excess Motion: Every unnecessary motion you make increases the chances of errors.
  • Less Time/More Motion: This is a deadly combination! You want to be set, in position before the ball is returned.

Tough Habit to Break

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