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Friday, January 27, 2017

Simple Drop Shot Drill

I wondered why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger...and then it hit me...

We have now learned how 2 of the best players in the pickleball world hit their drop volleys. The essence of a drop volley is taking the pace off the ball by allowing the paddle to absorb the ball's energy. But that is not an easy thing to do. It takes practice and the best way to practice is to drill. 

Yesterday's post showed a couple of drills but they assume that the technique has been developed. Today's post is about a simple drill that allows a player to develop the touch to absorb a ball's energy. Better still is that it can be done alone and anywhere. The drill comes from a Pickleball Channel video called Simple Drill to Improve Your Drop Volley - Pickleball Quick Tip.

David Redding demonstrates the soft hands technique by exaggerating the need to absorb the energy by catching the ball in the next 3 photos.

Photo 1 is where the ball would make first contact with the paddle from the left.

Photo 2 shows the paddle in motion while absorbing the ball's energy.

Photo 3 shows the end-point of the paddle motion. Again, this is an exaggerated demonstration that likely would not allow the ball to return across the net.

Since we talked about "catching" the ball, why not use that concept for a drill? In fact, that is what David does. His drill is to simply toss the ball straight up in the air.

Then, use the paddle to absorb the power to catch the ball.

Continue to toss and catch the ball until the absorption technique is developed...and then do it again by tossing it higher.

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