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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Expert Videos and Articles...

One goal has been to make this site a go-to place for pickleball information. A way to make that happen is to gather the information that is blooming all over the internet. I started this process quite a while ago and have been working on it as time allowed. I am happy to say that it is now finished...for today. The end product is shown in the Resources box along the right column of the blog.

One problem in doing this is that the experts are continuously adding to their collection of videos and articles. That means that I will be regularly adding new material. But, for today, the listing is complete, so go check it out.

The experts currently included in Resources are:

Sarah Ansboury
Joe Baker
Prem Carnot
Norm Davis
Coach Mo
Deb Harrison
Jeff Napier
Pickleball Guys
Pickleball Channel
Pickleball Central
Poach PB
Pure Pickleball
Mark Renneson
RV Picklers
The Villages
Jeff Shank
Jordan Briones

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