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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hendersonville Gym Update

Happiness is...having a pickleball home...

Many readers are aware of the closing of Crosswalk, the gym used for intermediate and advanced play in Hendersonville. The timing of the announcement - just before the holidays - delayed the search to find a permanent replacement that fits most players' needs. Despite the timing, however, a couple of temporary solutions were found by individuals within the pickleball community. These folks deserve kudos for their initiative. Since it appears that these options are not widely known, this is a note to bring the Crosswalk members up to date on the current situation. 

Temporary Play Sites and Schedules

Rick Griffis has arranged for a minimum of 2 days of afternoon play per week at the Henderson County Athletic and Activity Center on South Grove Street. Courts are designated for intermediate/advanced play on Mondays from 1:30-4:30 and Thursdays from 12:00-3:00. Other days may be available depending on usage by other groups but are not guaranteed. This is not expected to be a permanent replacement for Crosswalk but does provide competitive play separate from and in addition to the regularly scheduled open play at HCAAC (calendar). Please contact Rick at with questions or to be added to his Sign-Up Genius notification.

Another option is the Brevard Boys and Girls Club, where Kathleen Watkins has arranged for play 3 days per week. Two courts are designated for competitive play on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00-1:30. An additional court is available for warm-ups and drills. There is a daily fee of $2 for rental to the B&G Club and an initial fee of $5 for equipment. This site is set up on a trial basis for January-March. Due to its location, it is designed primarily for Transylvania players but Hendersonville players are welcome. Please contact Kathleen at with questions or to be added to her Sign-Up Genius notification.

New Gym Progress

The search for a replacement has begun as well. Several players initiated contact with the Hendersonville Racquet Club and I met with the owner, Chris Bull, last week. Chris is anxious to add pickleball to his offerings at the club and would like to be part of the solution. It is in our interest to explore if the intersection of his interests as a private business and our interests in location/hours/cost is sufficient to develop a win-win solution. Having said that, Chris offered the following:
  • $4 per day fee for the facility use, including nets. Balls would be provided by players (or a players' club). A punchcard for 10 days play would be available for $35.
  • Membership plans include a fitness-only monthly rate of $42 ($40 for seniors) based on an annual commitment. This membership plan would reduce the fee by 50% to $2 per day.
  • Membership plans also include a full membership monthly rate of $75 ($70 for seniors) based on an annual membership. This membership would eliminate the daily fee and allow pickleball play for free.
  • Indoor pickleball would be available from about 11:00-4:00 daily on up to 4 courts. The facilities are excellent with a great surface and lighting. However, there would NOT be permanent lines in place. They would have to be taped every day, requiring volunteers to assist with staff to do so.
  • Outdoor pickleball will be available in the future with up to 4 dedicated courts. The timing of heir installation would be linked to our agreement to play there. Installation will be expedited should we opt to move to HRC. Morning play would be available with the outdoor courts.

I expect to touch base with other gyms this week. When all options have been explored, players will be invited to a meeting to flesh out the details and decide future actions.  Stay tuned. 

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